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CANDOL was founded in 1988 in Moedling/Austria. Their main products, are the “Miracle Lamps” and the “Magic Linen”. Both are known worldwide and supplied in more than 80 countries. The products are distributed under the trade mark “CANDOLA – enjoyable table culture”.

“Miracle Lamps” are atmosphere spending table lamps, running with a clean, odourless and safe refill system. They provide the highest safety standards.The used oil is not like petrol or gas. This special mineral oil is never burning outside the refill-bottle.

It is only burning in combination with the wick. And that special wick secures a complete use of the oil. The burning time depends on the type of refill and is between 25 to 80 hours. Further, the “Miracle Lamp” has a special security system. This secures that the flame goes immediately out if the lamp falls over. CANDOLA Miracle lamps spend wonderful atmosphere without any risk, wax stain and you can save a lot of money. These lamps are also available with a Mosquito Stop refill.

The “Magic Linen” is a completely stain resistant table cloth. It feels like cotton but is 100 % easy care polyester. This fabric needs almost no ironing and is very cost-effective.

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