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VICRILA, S.A. was founded in 1890 in Bilbao, North West Spain. VICRILA was the first glass making company in Spain toincorporate the most innovative manufacturing techniques.
In 1970, The French group ARC made an investment in Vicrila and this marked a new stage in the history of the company production turned to the manufacture of glass tableware.In 1980 the Arc International Group acquired the remainder of the capital of the company and VICRILA became a wholly owned subsidiary of the ARC Group.

Vicrila became the particular division in ARC to specialize in the tempering of glass and it is fair to say that it understands and has perfected the art of tempering glass better than almost any other glass manufacturer in the world .

The relationship with Today, VICRILA is 100% Spanish owned and has put in further significant investment to improve quality, reduce costs and develop new product ranges. Vicrila is now firmly established as a significant manufacturer of blown and drawn glassware with an annual output of over 200 million glasses. 60% of its production is dedicated to the Hotel and Restaurant industry under the brand “Hostelvia”.

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