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Stolzle Lausitz

Stolzle Lausitz GmbH is a producer of lead-free, high-quality crystal in Weisswasser/ Germany with 125 years of glassmaking tradition. The brand Stölzle stands for innovation and quality: lead free crystalline glass, brilliance, high breakage and dishwasher resistance (certificated for 1,000 rinse cycles) as well as an ideal price/quality ratio.

Stolzle is one of the few glass manufacturers who have mastered the manufacturing process to produce a one piece stem and bowl. The result are machine made glasses with the features and elegance of mouth-blown glassware without any joints and seamlines. For example, the lines Grandezza, Experience and Exquisit are made with this pulling process.

The glass is far stronger and has a higher durability. This is particularly important to the catering industry, where durability is one of the most important issues, and has been warmly welcomed by them.

Professional design guarantees optimum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass. Sommeliers, hotels, restaurants and winemakers benefit from these characters of Stölzle glasses. Stölzle Lausitz produces up to 40 million machine-made glasses per year, sells various carafes, decanters and jugs as well and exports its glassware all over the world.

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