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Mepra which stands for “Metallurgica Prandelli” started by the Prandelli brothers, built the first factory in 1901. In 1950 the Prandelli brothers decided to convert the production to 18/10 stainless steel. This move was highly successful. In the following twenty years, the company grew continuously and extended the range to include holloware and kitchenware. Later, Mepra also begun producing silverplated flatware and holloware.

The 80’s were years of great growth for Mepra. For the new collections, stainless steel became combined with new materials such as plastic, glass, wood and porcelain. The sale results were so good that, in 1992, Mepra decided to open a new plant dedicated solely to the production of plastic.

In the 90’s, in order to respond to the most refined customer’s needs, Mepra developed a network of cooperation with some of the most influential designers including Angelo Mangiarotti and a host of other young talented avant-garde designers who still work for the company full-time or on a project basis.

Today, Research and Development costs represent about 8% of the turnover – one of the highest ratios in our industry. This investment spawns creativity, design and utmost quality in everything we do. From the quality of the raw materials we use, to the thickness to the flawless finishing these are all signatures of Mepra.

At Mepra, we bring you three generations of Italian tradition, design and lifestyle. Made in Italy

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