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100% Made in France and exported to 57 countries Deshoulières has today 270 employees spread over the 3 manufacturing plants in Limoges, Poitiers and Foëcy. Our high tech production technology combined with a unique expertise to produce fine colorful patterns and the use of an array of colored glazes allows us to offer a wide range of products: from white Limoges porcelain plates and dishes to colorful items, competitive custom made items, to specific patterns highlighted and enriched with platinum or gold.

Our porcelain is 100% ecological, with no chemical additives, lead and cadmium free, it is certainly the healthiest item on the table, fully complying with the most demanding and strictest regulations in the world. The manufacturing process involves two firings, the first at 1000°C, and the second for the glazed ware at 1400°C which gives the products maximum durability and their great resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. With its immense knowledge, our R & D teamwork on the materials of tomorrow which will impact new characteristics and innovations to our products whilst maintaining their functionality and aesthetic values.

Proud to be manufactured on the French mainland and in Limoges, the Brand has been awarded by the Government authorities the designation: “Guaranteed French Origin”. The Deshoulières brand is widely distributed throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Exports account for 50% of the turnover with priorities now being given to hotel and restaurant projects worldwide.

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